Venus Williams

Quick Facts:

Birthday: 17th June 1980

Father's name: Richard Williams

Mother's name: Oracene Price

Born In: Lynwood, California, United States

Nationality: American


The full name of Venus is Venus Ebony Starr Williams and she has been ranked as world No. 1 in all three occasions consecutively for about 11 weeks by the Women's Tennis Association. She gained this benchmark for the first time on the month of February 25th, 2002. She is also the first African American woman to achieve this in the Open Era, and the second right after Althea Gibson. 

Seven of her "Grand Slam singles" titles are put at 12th on the all-time list in the entire Women's Tennis Association, and coming to the Open Era list it stands at the 8th position. This milestone is more than any other active female tennis player excluding her own sister. 

Her sister Serena Williams has achieved a total of 16 Grand Slam finals, and the newest one came at Wimbledon in the year 2017. Venus has won about 14 Grand Slam Women's doubles titles, amazingly this all came up with her sister Serena Williams. Their teamwork is unbeaten in Grand Slam doubles finals to date. Venus also holds two Mixed Doubles titles. In addition to this, her five Wimbledon singles titles level her with the two other women tennis players for the stand of 8th place on the all-time list. Though she holds her sole possession of No. 4 on the Open Era list.

Currently, she trails only the nine titles of Martina Navratilova and then the seven from her own sister and Steffi Graf. From the 2000 Wimbledon Championships to the 2001 season, US Open, Venus has received four of all the six Grand Slam singles tournaments in this short span. At the season of 2019 US Open, Venus further brought up her record as the all-time leader, male or female, in the Grand Slams.


Venus Williams was born in Lynwood, in the state of California. Her talents started blooming from the early age of just seven when a professional tennis player at the local level whose name was Tony Chesta found Venus and quickly observed and recognized her true potential in the sport.

The Williams family switched their residence from Compton, California, to West Palm Beach, in the state of Florida. This migration happened when Venus was just at the age of ten years. The reason for this migration was to ensure that Venus and her sister Serena Williams could start taking part in the tennis academy of Rick Macci, who identified and recognized the talent of these two amazing sisters and who would help them coach and take the talent our of them in his additional coaching sessions.

He used to have few conflicts with Williams's father but at the same time totally regard the fact that William's father treated his daughters like kids, and always allowed their youth to be active all the time. After some time, Richard Williams stopped addressing his daughters to national junior tennis tournaments. This incident happened roughly when Venus was eleven since he desired them to come up with this process slowly and not divert their attention from academics and the schoolwork. 

Another strong reason behind this move was the racial discrimination about which he came to know about from the random hearings of the other parents who regarded his daughters due to their skin color. Exactly during this period of time, Venus came up with a 63–0 record on the United States Tennis Association junior tour. She was also ranked No. 1 among all the under-12 players for this same incident in Southern California. In the year 1995, Richard Williams took his daughters out of Macci's academy, and after that he took over all coaching at their own home.


Venus Williams is known for her very powerful baseliner attribute who serves her game as an attacking all-court game. Her game is very well adapted to grass, where she plays with ease and in the most comfortable manner, which is totally a wall proof of her five Wimbledon singles titles that she received in grass game. She has come up to be a skillful volleyer who utilizes her long arm span (1.85m) and flexibility around the net. Venus Williams, due to her long arm span also has great court coverage and has seen to hit winners from a defensive position.

Venus Williams has the record registered under her for the fastest serve in three of the all four Grand Slam tournaments. These records were created during the 2007 French Open second round, and then 2007 U.S. Open first-round – 129 mph (208 km/h), and then finally during 2008 Wimbledon final.

Venus Williams has played her younger sister Serena Williams who is another one of the mightiest names in Women's Tennis Association. They have matched against each other in 30 professional matches since the year 1998. Out of all these tournaments, Venus Williams has won 12 of those matches, whereas Serena Williams has won 18. They have encountered each other in 15 of the Grand Slam tournaments, with Venus Williams getting on five matches to her sister Serena Williams who has won a total of ten matches. Further, the two sisters have met in nine Grand Slam tournament finals, with Venus making the total number of wins twice compared to her younger sister Serena who won the remaining 7. Of the six occasions where they encountered each other in an earlier round, the victor has taken on to win the championship four times (where Venus got just once, in the 2000 Wimbledon Championships).

Personal Life: 

Venus now dating with millionaire heir Nicholas Hammond.


  • Venus Williams has received Best Female Tennis Player ESPY Award in the year 2001, 2002 and 2006.
  • She has also received Teen Choice Award for Extraordinary Achievement in the year 2000.
  • She has received Best Female Athlete ESPY Award in the year 2002.
  • She received Glamour Award for The Comeback in the year 2005.
  • She received BET Award for Sportswoman of the Year in the year 2006.
  • She received NAACP Image Award – President's Award in the year 2003.
  • She was listed in Forbes The Celebrity 100 in 2004.
  • In 2010, she was awarded with WTA Fan Favourite Doubles Team of the Year.
  • In 2012, she received WTA Player Service Award.
  • In 2017, she was awarded with ESPN WTA Player of the Year and Most Marketable Athletes in the U.S.

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