John Cena

Quick Facts:

Birthday: 23rd April, 1977

Father's name: John Cena Sr.

Mother's name: Carol Cena

Born In: West Newbury, Massachusetts, U.S.

Nationality: American


John Cena is a professional WWE wrestler known for his persistence and determination shown during his wrestling matches. His tagline of "Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect," along with his other famous slogan "Never Give up," has been propagated to almost all of the WWE fans in the world.

John Cena has been one of the most prominent WWE entertainment figures with some of his greatest matches against the wrestlers like Brock Lesnar, The Rock (actual name: Dwayne Johnson), Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Ryback, Randi Orton, Batista, etc. John Cena's most of the fights have won by his determination and persistence to give up against all of his opponents.

Apart from his WWE wrestling career, he has also emerged himself as a professional rapper, actor and TV presenter. After Rick Flair, John Cena holds the record of having the most number of WWE championship titles. During his debut to WWE wrestling, when he signed his career, he was first assigned to join Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Early Life:

John Cena was born and brought up in the city of West Newbury, Massachusetts and then shifted to California in the year 1998, where he started his career as a bodybuilder before ultimately moving into professional wrestling in the year 1999 when he made his debut for the first time in the Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW). After that, John Cena soon signed with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, which is now known as WWE) in the year 2000, and was initially attributed to Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW).

After joining the WWE Universe, John Cena gained industry recognition after adopting a personality of a trash-talking rapper, and he acquired his first singles title, which was the United States Championship, in the year 2004. The next year, John Cena won the WWE Championship title for the first time. Later that year, John Cena's character evolved into a "Superman-like" heroic character, and consequently led the company as its charter player and also emerged as the public face for the entire next decade. John Cena has been part of various major WWE pay-per-view events, also closing the company's flagship annual event, and the WrestleMania, five times.

He is best known for winning numerous championships in his WWE career. He holds the title of being a five-time United States Champion, then a four-time world tag team champion, and finally a WWE record sixteen-time world champion. He is also the two-time Royal Rumble match winner and once Money in the Bank ladder match-winner.

Although he is taken as to be one of the highest professional wrestlers of all-time by his peers, Cena has regularly encountered with mixed critical and fan reception throughout his career, thus earning him one of the most influencing professional wrestlers ever.

Outside of wrestling, Cena has achieved prosperity as an actor, musician, and philanthropist. He released one of the most fantastic rap albums You Can't See Me in the year 2005, which earned platinum certification in the United States. He has had principal film roles in the movies "The Marine" that was released in the year 2006, "12 Rounds" that was aired in the year 2009, "Trainwreck" that was released in the year 2015, "Ferdinand" in 2017, "Blockers" in 2018, and finally "Bumblebee," that was aired in the year 2019. He is also well known for his preoccupation in various charitable causes, namely the "Make-A-Wish Foundation," where he has invested over 600 wishes, which is the most in company history.


Cena commenced training to become a professional wrestler in the year 1999 at Ultimate Pro Wrestling's which is abbreviated as UPW in California-based Ultimate University and operated by Rick Bassman. Once he was put into an in-ring role, Cena started using a semi-robotic character known as "The Prototype." This period of his life and career was also documented in the Discovery Channel, in the program "Inside Pro Wrestling School." He kept the UPW Heavyweight Championship for about 27 days in the month of April 2000. Cena wrestled for the UPW until the month of March 2001.

After his initial roster calls up in the month of June 2002, Cena continued to appear on OVW programming until taping of OVW that took place on September 25, where he finally lost to Kenny Brolin. As per the match guidelines the loser has to leave the OVW match. Later, John Cena would make his appearance in a one-off appearance for the developmental field in the month of November under the ring name of Mr. P in a six-man tag team match, where he came up with future WWE Hall of Famer Big Boss Man and the other guy was Charlie Haas in a winning battle against Trevor Murdoch, Lance Cade, and Sean O'Haire.

On the day of June 24 episode of Raw, Mr. McMahon ordered the complete roster to the ring and announced that he needed them all to find some ruthless offense from within themselves and that he was seeking for one of those to stand out from the all of the pack. John Cena made his WWE television debut on the day of June 27, 2002, in the episode of SmackDown by responding to an open challenge by Kurt Angle.

After claiming that he possessed "ruthless aggression", Cena ended up losing by a pinning combination. Still, right after the match was over, Cena was applauded by Faarooq, Rikishi, Billy Kidman, and The Undertaker. Since it was almost a win match, John Cena after that match emerged as a fan favorite and started sparking up with Chris Jericho, beating Jericho at Vengeance. On the day of September 12 episode of SmackDown, John teamed with Edge in a failing effort against Los Guerreros, thus closing the feud in the process.


  • He has won world championship 16 times. This includes 13 WWE championship and three heavyweight championships.
  • He is a five-time WWE United States Champion.
  • He is two times WWE Tag Team Champion.

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