Pocket Sun

Quick Facts:

Birthday: 12th July, 1991

Father's name:  

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Born In: China

Nationality: Chinese


Pocket Sun is an American-Chinese businesswoman who is a venture capitalist and co-founder of multi-million dollar SoGal Ventures, along with her partner Elizabeth Galbut. She has been actively giving ted talks and connecting with the investors, entrepreneurs and business persons. Her dream is to pursue and create the world's largest communities of various investors and entrepreneurs for the collective growth of society. Her organisation has grown today to 40+ chapters all around the globe.

She has also worked with numerous startups and corporate industries, all around the United States, China, and Southeast Asia. The central ideal and belief behind her initiative of SoGal Ventures lie in the power of diversified culture, borderless business, and following the design pattern that is human-centric and focuses on the growth of the organisation and the individual as a whole. Her organisation invest in early-stage and aim to be a prominent ally for their companies.

She received her Master's Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from USC. She also became the part of the community that worked and founded the Trojan Venture Group, which was the first USC alumni angel investor group of that time.

Early Life:

Pocket Sun started studying business, and just from that moment, she had a dream of commencing an entrepreneurial venture sooner in the future. However, she was not pleased when she turned around to discover all the jury panel and judges, pitch teams and speakers were all male candidates. In the same place, she got a sensation and realization for the need of a robust female role model.

Since most of the times, men take the majority of funding decisions, and most venture firms support start-ups are always led by men, which resulted in enhancing her dream and desire to start her own multi-million dollar capital venture. It just degrades and hurts the prospects of women entrepreneurs who are equally talented and well qualified, but what all they lack is only the access to capital. After getting sparked and ignited by all her real-life scenarios which she observed around her, she took it as a problem to be solved. She finally decided to start something on her own, which gave birth to her establishment of the female global networking group SoGal in the month of September 2014. This entire founding and establishment process happened during the two months when she was completing her entrepreneurship master's course at the University of Southern California.

This initiative led by Pocket Sun slowly evolved by various events which were organized on a quick basis, summits that were being carried on in a healthy manner and the start-up competitions that motivated multiple entrepreneurs from all across the globe to come and compete and showcase their skills and develop this community.

In the year 2015, she made her mind to speak and pen down her views about venture capital and entrepreneurship as there were very few female entrepreneurship voices in this field. As a consequence of this move, she was nominated as one of the youngest Top Voices in VC and Entrepreneurship in the year 2015 by LinkedIn. In the month of June 2015, she partnered with Elizabeth Galbut, who was also her friend from a venture capital course at Stanford University. Finally, they worked together to co-found SoGal Ventures, which eventually started its work in the US and Asia. In the year 2016, she was identified and got recognition by one of the Forbes authors and writers who used to explore and write about venture capital, start-ups, and businesses. The same person also nominated her in to the shortlist of candidates for the magazine's list of the 30 most influential people under 30. This incident helped her earn the well-deserved recognition all over the globe, by various investors, entrepreneurs and business people, which also acted as a kick start to her upcoming career.

Career and Dreams:

Pocket Sun is also the managing partner of the company since its commencement in the month of June 2016. Right after her exceptional fame and recognition in the Forbes magazine, she also went to China and came up with She Power Organization (SPO) in Shanghai City, China, in the month of December that year.

In the month of April 2017, for the first time, she launched SheVC, which was aimed towards the organising of exciting events, all across the cities of Asia including Jakarta, Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, and Ho Chi Minh City. Not only her company has been funding and investing the young startups but also took over some of them. After her establishment and representation as one of the world's leading female entrepreneurs, she is now planning of building an entire business empire with SoGal foundation. She plans to build a fun, uplifting, and transformational international co-working space that would have numerous funds, a jewelry line, hotels, fashion labels, a collection of amazing women from all around the globe, a media-based show, and finally a school with teachings on entrepreneurship and investments.

Childhood and Early Life:

Unlike every other girl, Pocket has been brought up in a totally different manner. According to some specific interviews and reports, she has been grown up totally like a boy. Moreover, she had more male friends around her school and neighborhood, which probably is the reason, according to her, that built her character to be the leading woman entrepreneur. She also told that this induced an adventurous kind of character inside her.


  • She is displayed on the cover of Forbes Asia magazine as a 30 Under 30 in Venture Capital.
  • She was selected as LinkedIn Top 10 Voices in VC Entrepreneurship.
  • She has been interviewed continuously and surveyed by CCTV, Inc., Harper's BAZAAR, BBC, CNBC, Fortune, etc.
  • She has also been speakers in the most prestigious events, including Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit, Microsoft CEO Summit, and TEDx.

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